The Temporary Museum

The Temporary Museum is an artist’s initiative to create a transitory museum complex. The Temporary Museum is a (thinking)space, where artists can store ideas for (or stock images of) Temporary Art. The Temporary Museum is also a place where artists, works of art and public meet.

The Temporary Museum invites artists of all disciplines and perceptions to send in a document. This document gives the Temporary Museum an idea of the artist about a Temporary Artwork. Documents sent by artists in a preferably self-designed container or package are read, documented and placed in a Stock of Temporary Art. The collected originals are located in the Reposal of Temporary Art, that exists as a growing sculpture: a collection of ideas from artists as objects of art.

In co-operation with the artist the idea sent in can be a starting point for the disclosure of a Work of Temporary Art at the Temporary Museum. When the constituents of the Temporary Museum have reached the volume of a container they convey into an Endless Museum, to be shipped and to be endlessly revealed.

Walter van der Cruijsen (1989)