IG (1988)

real beauty comes from inside make-do make-up smear attractions visualized and don't forget the instructions

try IG and feel the relief only four guilders and twenty-five cents

most of these people are still unfamiliar with IG conception, development production, distribution consumption tele, vision bees industrial goal industrial growth busy mess take some time for yourself and enjoy IG

warning do not take in anal, nasal, aural, oral do not take in, incognition, ignoble ignorant, igneous igloo, ignominy try IG and feel the relief

when you are uncomfortable, unhappy confused, restless, tired frustrated, feeling betrayed, lost, lonely helpless, empty, sick under stress, oppressed midefucked, shaky, uncool depressed, careless brain-washed or indecisive you should get IG and forget about it only four guilders and twenty five cents

sometimes you are in for some refreshment or something different when your life is a drag and needs a change take IG, it helps, it is safe and absolutely sure try IG, it is almost one hundred percent pure natural, get IG which is easy to do: just put in four guilders and twenty-five cents and pull!

you cannot decide? why don't you order a complete set of IG? for only twenty five guilders plus five guilders postage you'll receive a full color IG in six variations don't wait and don't hesitate, but send your order today to: IG E102 foundation, PObox 488, NL-6500 AL Nijmegen

"I had a friend one time at least I thought I had get that man in my house give him my food, over my table, that I couldn't afford, but he'd come to me, said Johnny: I ain't got no place to stay I said: yes man come to my house..." take some time for yourself and enjoy IG

Walter van der Cruijsen, 1988 (spoken text for two voices on eight video clips);

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