Ik ben of was betrokken bij de volgende culturele organisaties

I am or have been involved in the following cultural organisations


2 thoughts on “Organisaties

  1. Mike Berwanger

    Dear Walter,

    I’m the Producer of the Magazine „Akademie Aktuell“ of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities.

    We would like to have a picture, that is shown on your Website, “deep.ascii (still); streaming text, 63 minutes”.

    Are you the owner of the rights?
    Can I have the right to print the picture in the next issue?

    Thanks for answering.
    Mike Berwanger

    1. Walter

      Dear Mike, yes you can. I created this particular still image, but the project, ASCII Art Ensemble is a collaboration of Luka Frelih, Vuk Ćosić and myself. Could you then give credit to the image as follows: “ASCII Art Ensemble: deep.ascii (1998)”. Is the magazine online or print? Kind regards, Walter


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