New Media Art

There have always been two immediate goals. One was to create new works of art in a technology driven, critical social environment. The other was to create new technologies and spaces to facilitate the former.

Collaboration and common ground have been always key. Artists had to start working with engineers, resources were limited and had to be shared. Development was based on both knowledge and imagination through open source.

Projects (as co-producer)

Digital Guestbook (1993)
The Digital City (1993, 1994)
The Flying Desk (1994-1996)
The Thing Amsterdam (1994-)
Salon Digital (ZKM, 1995-1997)
ASCII Art Ensemble (1998-)

Exhibitions (as co-curator)

World Wide Video Festival (1997,1998)
Net_condition (1999, 2000)
GLOW (2010)

See also: medialabs