ASCII Art Ensemble


deep.ascii (still); streaming text, 63 minutes

deep.ascii (still); streaming text, 63 minutes

The group (Walter van der Cruijsen, Luka Frelih, Vuk Ćosić) met in Amsterdam to materialize an idea that was floating in meetings at various european Internet conferences and festivals during the last three years. Basically the big goal was to come up with a net based moving ascii.
The premises of Worldwide Video Festival were at our disposal for a week in august 1998, thanx.

Immediate Goals
The very first things to do were the most obvious ones – the javascript and java players for moving ascii images.

Mid Term Goals
After the two players are done, the idea is to create a fast converter that would enable us to create moving ascii in real time.

Long Term Goals
After bringing moving ascii to the net through the mentioned steps, the final goal – or one of the next steps – is to create a RealPlayer G2 plug-in with the new file type.

Contents Projects
0. ASCII to Speach history of art for the blind by applying the txt->speech software
1. History of Moving Images a series of seven clips giving the overview of the evolution in style and the display and distribution media.
2. Deep ASCII a version of Deep Throat in ascii is displayed on a Pong Arcade, more here.
3. ASCII Wall is a project planned together with the good people of Redundant Technologies and consists in creation of a a video wall of old monitors in order to do larger projections.
4. MTV stream is about hooking any broadcast signal and streaming the ascii version.
5. History of Silent Film on CD-ROM offering several milestone films in full length.

ASCII Art Ensemble. Walter van der Cruijsen, Luka Frelih, Vuk Cosic (1998)


Free software

ASCII Art Ensemble ASCIImator

The original java-player was built by Luka Frelih and written in java and originally bundled with deep.ascii – forever meme of the week last week. There is a workaround for Macos/Netscape users that requires the Mozilla MRJ plugin. source code to build your own player.


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