wvdc I was born in 1958 in Hank en live and work in Nijmegen, both in The Netherlands.

After a long stay abroad I moved back to the Netherlands in 2009. My passions and interests are the arts en new media, artistic collaboration, cultural exchange, social criticism and cultural policies. I have work experience as maker, designer, producer, teacher, company director and manager, I am curious en eager to learn, critical and think engagement is key.

I am interested in relationhips between the arts and culture and the public domain, science, economy, education and politics politiek and the possibilities and impossibilities of technology.

Art and Technology Consult is my company since 2010 providing consultancy, concept, design, text and media to companies, institutions and cultural organisations, with focus on content, people and execution.

An overview of my work experience can be found here. (Not all pages are in English, yet, sorry)

Sinds 2017 ben ik coördinator van RepairCafé in Nijmegen-Oost. –>